Actually, there weren't any pictures at all

In 1992, IF enthusiast Volker Blasius started the IF Archive, which brought together remaining text adventure files and fans from across the Internet. Paul O’Brian, who runs a newsletter for IF fans, says the archive brought text gamers together. “The fact that people can go to one predictable, reliable space … has given the community a focus to organize around.”

For the past decade, Granade has unleashed the text-gaming community’s creativity by running IF Comp, an annual competition involving 40 to 50 new entries. “There started to be this recognition that there was a renaissance occurring in amateur IF,” says O’Brian, the 2004 winner for his Luminous Horizon. “Because there’s no longer a customer out there or a profit to be made, that has opened the form up artistically.” –Adam McDowell —Actually, there weren’t any pictures at all (

Nothing new here, but it’s still great to see a decent treatment of the IF genre in mainstream media.