Weblogs: Their Use and Application in Science and Technology Libraries (PDF)

Are libraries and librarians willing to support initiative to provide weblog support for their community? The University of Minnesota Libraries think so: “It is our goal to develop a blog server through which everyone in the university community (faculty, staff, and student) can have access to their own individual blog” (University of Minnesota Libraries, accessed December 7, 2004). Other campuses are also providing students and staff with the means to creatE their own blogs. Though not library-initiated, the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School hosts “Weblogs at Harvard Law,” which allows anyone with a harvard.edu e-mail address to create their own weblog. (John Harvard’s Journal 2004) Seton Hall University students can create their own weblogs with a service provided by the Humanities Division and the New Media Journalism program ([Jerz], accessed December 7, 2004). — Reichardt, Randy and Geoffrey Harder, Science & Technology Libraries, 25(3), p105-116. —Weblogs: Their Use and Application in Science and Technology Libraries (PDF) (Science & Technology Libraries)

That’s Seton Hill University.

It’s a good article, nevertheless.