Student Sanctioned For Comments On Homosexuality

A complaint was filed against Miner because he used the word “subhuman” when writing about gay people.

The university’s Judicial Affairs panel found that those remarks violated the school’s university code of conduct.


As punishment, Duquesne University made Miner take the offending blog off his online profile.

We checked that profile and the blog is gone, but Miner is also supposed to write a 10-page paper on homosexuality in the Catholic Church.


Arguing that it is a First Amendment issue, Miner is appealing the school’s decision. —Student Sanctioned For Comments On Homosexuality (WTAE-TV | The

If Duquesne isn’t Congress, and I’m pretty sure isn’t, then the First Amendment doesn’t apply. (The issue is, instead, one of academic freedom.)

And the article mentions that it’s a Facebook profile, but refers to “blog” as if it means “a bit of text posted online.” That’s like calling a business card a “newspaper” because they’re both printed on paper.