Rapper finds inspiration in Chaucer

There are remarkable parallels between “The Canterbury Tales” and modern rap, Brinkman said at Wellesley College during a recent stop on his tour of high schools and colleges across the eastern United States and Puerto Rico.

“Chaucer and rap are both performance-based and they’re both battles of words where your proficiency gets you by,” said Brinkman, whose master’s thesis compared the two.


Brinkman performs the “Pardoner’s Tale,” the “Miller’s Tale” and the “Wife of Bath’s Tale.” His one-man show, with recorded music and a few props that include a couple of chairs, a bottle of water and a bandanna, is constructed much like the pilgrims’ journey in “The Canterbury Tales.” He acts as the narrator — a stowaway fan on a tour bus — and plays the part of three rappers on the bus engaged in a rap battle. —Mark PrattRapper finds inspiration in Chaucer (Yahoo! News (will expire))

New to me: the lit-hop genre.