Keyboard power

In an optical or physical sense, the capabilities of modern day computers have really put “reality” immersion within reach. Yet, this aspect of immersion–the “wow it looks so real” factor–has become a crutch and the only pillar of the immersion experience for which most games aim. Maybe it’s easier to sell or produce en masse. It seems like a distraction or an eventually empty substitute for what was once the key tenet of the “immersion” experience–the ability to “do anything” in a game.

When it comes down to it, there are only a few things you can do in a modern game–shoot, jump, manoeuvre, open doors, push switches, select weapons, and pick up ammo. Even other games, like strategy and simulation, limit you to a small set of actions. While some games allow you to carry conversations, it is only within a narrow script in which your only real choice is in what order you read what the character has to say. Though a lot of time is spent giving the impression of vast worlds and endless corridors, you really can’t just do anything. —Leopold McGinnisKeyboard power (Adventure Classic Gaming)

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