The word on technology: A new column on online literature

Because of the popularity of audio books, Lowe commissioned Bill Uden, a performing-arts student at Carmarthenshire College in Wales, to record readings from her book in his college’s studio. Lowe, who found Uden through a “blogging friend,” began releasing the podcasts along with her regular posts this month.

And like many writers who publish their work online, Lowe isn’t just angling for a book contract.

“It would be disingenuous for me to say I don’t want to be read, so I’d be perfectly amenable to paper and ink, though I’d be adamant about releasing my work online at the same time,” Lowe wrote. “At the center of my work is a strong conviction in open culture, freely available to all. —Katie HaegeleThe word on technology: A new column on online literature (

The first installment of a bi-weekly column on digital literature.