Attention Span Breakthrough

My five-year-old sat and listened for over an hour while I read the first chapter of Gregor the Overlander and the first chapter of The Hobbit. 
Earlier that day she had found an old beat-up costume jewelry ring that
another kid on the playground said he found in a stream.  When the park
time was over, When I asked which she liked better, she handed me
Gregor and asked for another chapter. (My nine-year-old son asked for
more of The Hobbit, which I read to him when he was five or six… I was impressed that he remembered Smaug’s vulnerability.)

When Peter was two or three, I read to him an hour or more each night. Carolyn has always wanted to play with Peter rather than sit still and listen, but now that she is old enough to focus on a story that also interests Peter, I hope we’ll be able to have more reading time.