Art, film or game? 'Inanimate Alice' redefines 'publish'

Katie Haegele quotes Chris Joseph:

“It seems most people these days equate literature with the novel, which is obviously a relatively recent form, and then judge all other literature by that standard, which is a terrible measure of digital literature,” Joseph said in an e-mail interview.
“My feeling is that younger audiences already do accept digital lit as lit; for the elder population it may well happen through cell phones rather than computer screens, as for most people the latter are too cumbersome, related to work tasks, and too uncomfortable to read on for long periods of time.”

One thought on “Art, film or game? 'Inanimate Alice' redefines 'publish'

  1. It is now possible to create your own stories in the Alice style and add them to the “canon”. iStories is a simple program that combines music, visuals and text.
    see for more info.
    It is ideal for primary classrooms but good enough too for “big” people!

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