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I came across this brief article in Pocket Gamer. I don’t have an iPhone, so I can’t check out this version of the game.  The 1977 date for the Don Woods expansion is correct, but (“[s]ources that incorrectly date Crowther’s original to 1972 or 1974… are sourced thinly if at all. The new evidence establishes that Crowther wrote the game during the 1975-76 academic year and probably abandoned it in early 1976.” —DHQ )

Forget motion-sensing and touchscreen malarkey. What you want from a modern-day iPhone game is a proper text adventure, where you get to type GO NORTH, HIT TROLL WITH AXE, and LKHJ VSDJD.

(Okay, we’re still having the odd problem with the iPhone’s pop-up keyboard).

Anyway, iPhone has its first text adventure, and it’s actually the first text adventure ever made.

It’s listed as Advent on the App Store, but the screenshot calls it Adventure, and the product text points out that it’s also known as Colossal Cave Adventure or just Colossal Cave. Hope that’s clear.