Job Opening: Interactive & Assistive Technology Specialist at Seton Hill University [ISTE Career Center]

Seton Hill recently won a multimillion dollar instruction technology grant, part of which includes funding for a new technology specialist (which will become a permanent job when the grant ends). 

In helping to write the job notice, I drafted the “you-attitude” paragraphs, with the references to Bioshock and lolcats.

Our grant will fund the creation of a new instructional
technology center, and we’re motivated to put our resources to good
use. Which is where you come in.

You love talking to people about technology. You have experience
encouraging interactive exchanges between students and professor,
students and their peers, and students and technology. You can help us
eliminate the “sage on the stage” instructional model, and implement
the “guide on the side” via multiple teaching points established around
the room. You have the technical skills to maintain the latest in
PCs/Macs, projection equipment, cameras, video iPods, text-to-speech
scanning pens, and assistive technology of many kinds. You have the
creativity and the people skills necessary to help us put our resources
to good use, as Seton Hill continues to expand its learning environment
as part of a globally networked virtual classroom.

You are also sufficiently well-versed in digital culture to maintain
and promote the site as a collaborative learning center and
recreational gaming lounge, when not needed for classes. (It’s a tough
job, but hey, someone’s got to make sure Bioshock runs on the huge
projection screen; u can has lolz!)

The search is currently open and will continue until the successful
candidate is identified. (See the full job notice.)