Playing video games linked to breast-feeding, not crime

Great piece from Ben Kuchera at Ars Technica.

Playing video games linked to breast-feeding, not crime

Today I decided to conduct an experiment. I started calling people I knew, and I asked if they had one or more video games in the house. Then I asked if they breast-fed their children. To my great shock, most answered “yes” to both. One couple I contacted switched to formula after their child’s birth, and told me that they didn’t play video games. The data, based on my first round of calls, was conclusive: if you play video games, you are much more likely to breast-feed your children.

5 thoughts on “Playing video games linked to breast-feeding, not crime

  1. I’m a breast feeding mom and I love to play video games (: sometimes I even do them at the same time lol (:

  2. I believe that women that play video games are more open minded and overall alot less stressed. From that theory… here’s a little info on how stress can effect breast milk production: A mother committed to nursing her baby, may, in times of stress, substitute bottles of baby formula, nurse less often, or not pay attention to how the baby is latching on. Any of these factors and others in reaction to stress can cause milk production to lessen.
    You should do another article about why women that play video games experience less stress overall compared to those that don’t!
    Great theory!

  3. This is the third post on this blog I’ve read, and you are tearing me up! Funny as heck, but don’t let it get ‘out there’ – it could be taken as scientific. And I’m putting this blog on my to-do list.

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