Oh my gosh! I am creating web pages

Will I miss Geocities? No, not really. In 1998 or possibly 1999, I was teaching web authorship as part of a freshman composition class, and this page from a student project made me keep the “make a Geocities home page” and “make a creative hypertext” project around, even though every semester, a certain chunk of students complained about it.
The plug has been pulled on Geocities, but I’m preserving a chunk of what it meant to me, as a teacher.

Miraculously, I, [Name], am able to create my own web pages.  The
unthinkable is possible.  My ignorance about the computer world is coming
to an end.  I am a student at the University of Eau Claire and I’m creating
several web pages for English 110.  Come and check out my first web page at
meet the family.  This link briefly
summarizes a few childhood memories, personality traits, and individual hobbies. 

At the University of Eau Claire’s home-page, you find
information on UWEC‘s registration process, available classes, student services,
job opportunities, blugold system, International exchange, and much more. 
Search the UWEC home page to get a look at what the college has to

My English Professor, Dr. Jerz, and some of his students have created several
web pages for faculty members and students to benefit from.  The Online
Reading Room
will guide you to helpful information on how to create a web
, how
to write effective e-mails
, top 5 tips for note
, and more.    

If you like to play amusing, addicting computer games, try playing Eliza
You make conversation with Eliza who listens and talks back.  She asks a lot
of questions about your problems and sometimes does not make sense. 

English 110
with Dr.Jerz is not like the other English 110 classes.  His course page is
the student’s syllabus explaining the guidelines to assigned papers and
projects.  Helpful examples of problems students run into when writing
papers and creating web pages are also found at this site.  

My essay on how the Internet
has affected my education.
The challenges that I came across at college with
computers were frustrating, but later greatly appreciated.  Computer skills
are critical for college classes and in the end the frustration turns into

Read Martha’s essay  one
her web page about how the Internet has affected her education. She used the
Internet in high school for fun and for note taking.  In college she now uses her
computer skills for academic purposes.  Even though Martha uses the
computer daily, she still feels much has to be learned.

 Danielle’s essay
is about her experience with the Internet.  She had some computer
experience in her high school anatomy class looking at a fetal pig, but she came
familiar with e-mail in college.  Now Dr. Jerz is challenging her and
every student in English 110 to become less ignorant about the computer world.

For my creative hypertext, I wrote three essays from
three different perspectives.  I wrote one essay from my dad’s point of
view, one from my point of view, and one from my point of view if I would still
be living in Kansas today instead of living in Minnesota.  The three blurbs
below give a brief summary of each essay.

Most students spent their spring break somewhere warm while I spent my break
in Kansas visiting relatives.  A little
conversation never hurt anyone even if it’s farm talk.  With age comes an appreciation
of understanding to not take history for granted.

Read from Dad’s perspective of Kansas.  He
tells how the vacation was through his eyes telling the highlights of the trip
were seeing his sister, brother, and old friends.  Abilene recaptures old
memories and by visiting he creates new.

Just imagine what life would be like if I would have remained living in
Abilene.  Read the what if life where lived
  I go to college in Kansas, I am going to school to
become a Vet (I hate animals), and I never had the chance to travel.  For
my spring break, my brother and I take a trip to New York to visit my sister and
trust me cowboy boots and hats don’t fit in with the New Yorkers.

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