They Grow Up So Fast

4045790252_894f6e3c83.jpgA few years ago, my daughter was thrilled to receive a hand-me-down
fanny pack. (See the price tag hanging on my spiffy new one?)
Earlier this month, when my wife took the kids on a family visit for about 10 days, my daughter cried for me at night.

4045793188_aa32376db3.jpgOne morning, she woke up, asked Grandma for crayons, paper and tape, and made this “stuffed daddy” to keep her company.

I took my daughter to the Halloween event at the local amusement park.
In the parking lot, we ran into the young man whose winning science
fair exhibit had been next to ours on Thursday.

4045048613_4d0108a158_m.jpgMy daughter and her young friend
hit it off very well.

The ball pit was closed, but the zip line and the boat-pulling rides were open.

In the car on the ride home, Carolyn told me that she and
her friend plan to marry when they are 16.

“But,” she asked, “is it okay to have more than one boyfriend?” (I told her yes — just not at the same time.)

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