Three Notebooks

The age of the notebook is rapidly passing us. I know it still has
places in many circles, and that for some, the function of the notebook
will never go away, replaced by weblogs and online diaries and bookmark
lists; but the nature of these written-out sketches of crashing ideas
overlaying each other and betraying time, emotion and reasoning as it
bleeds through a wood pulp page is almost gone. We are going to lose
something there, as we have already lost so much. —Jason Scott

A wonderful tribute to an enduring (and endearing) medium for capturing thoughts.

One thought on “Three Notebooks

  1. Yeah, we’ve already lost so much. But I don’t think we’ll ever lose nostalgia. (Snark.)
    I do carry a small, black, sewn pages notebook in my large wallet, though. And yeah, it’s because I’m nostalgic.
    Nice post, Dennis.

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