The best walkthrough of Myst I've seen so far

The first part of a walkthrough of the classic (1993), a moody, contemplative point-and-click adventure that defies the stereotype of games as violent and chaotic.  Popular with women and causual gamers, but also appreciated by expert gamers for its puzzles and graphics (photo-realistic CGI, with pre-rendered animations), it was the top-selling game for nearly a decade, only being overtaken in 2002 by a different non-violent game with a broad appeal, The Sims.

I know the iPhone offers a free demo version of Myst, and there are widely available demos of RealMyst (which updates the static pre-rendered shots with full 3D), but I haven’t been able to locate any (legal) demos of the original Myst. (I’d like for my students to be able to sample the game… watching the videos is not the same, especially because the mouse pointer wasn’t captured by these videos.)

One thought on “The best walkthrough of Myst I've seen so far

  1. Boy, you’re going to have me pulling out one of the many unplayed-as-yet games I picked up a few years ago like Silent Hill 2 and Still Life and a buncha others instead of finishing up the year-end books (accounting) like I should be doing.

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