Outsourced Grading, With Supporters and Critics, Comes to College

The graders working for EduMetry, based in a Virginia suburb of
Washington, are concentrated in India, Singapore, and Malaysia, along
with some in the United States and elsewhere. They do their work online
and communicate with professors via e-mail. The company advertises that
its graders hold advanced degrees and can quickly turn around
assignments with sophisticated commentary, because they are not juggling
their own course work, too.

The company argues that professors freed from grading papers can
spend more time teaching and doing research. —Chronicle

This reminds me of the urban legend of the professor who tape-recorded
his lectures while he went away on a conference, and asked an assistant
to play the tape for his students during class time. According to the
story, he returned early, and decided to go to class to deliver the
lecture in person, when he found the room empty — except for his tape
playing in the front of the room, and the tape recorders that the
students had left on their seats.