Hitler Is Very Upset That Constantin Film Is Taking Down Hitler Parodies

For my money, memes on the Internet don’t get any better than the Hitler
one. You know, the one in which you take some current event (the more
mundane, the better) and shove it into the scene from the German film Downfall
in which Hitler is told in his bunker that he cannot win the war. The
key to these (assuming you don’t speak German, of course) is to replace
the actual subtitles with ones of your choosing about a different
topic. Facebook/FriendFeed,
— all solid gold stuff. In fact, just this past January, while
reviewing the iPad version, Erick called it “the
meme that will never die
.” But sadly, it looks like it may in fact
die, at the hands of the studio behind it. —MG Siegler, TechCrunch

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