What's Really Going on Behind Murdoch's Paywall?

In a desperate attempt to preserve the financial integrity of
size of his revenue stream, media mogul Rupert
Murdoch recently put content at the UK TImes and Sunday Times behind a
pay firewall. The information-wants-to-be-free crowd can’t wait to see
this experiment fail.

A Murdoch and Fleet Street veteran
with whom I’ve been corresponding about the paywall reported to me on
his recent conversation with an A-list entertainment publicist: “What
was really interesting to me was that this person volunteered a blinding
realization. ‘Why would I get any of my clients to talk to the Times or
the Sunday Times if they are behind a paywall? Who can see it? I can’t
even share a link and they aren’t on search. It’s as though their
writers don’t exist anymore.'” —Michael
, Newser

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