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The other day I was searching Amazon for a digital edition of the poems of Emily Dickinson, and was pleased to find a digital edition for a few bucks. I know that Project Gutenberg has a decent edition of the original publication of the version her family first published, but the first publication changed her punctuation and invented thematic groupings. I was very happy to see that Amazon appeared to be offering a digital edition of R. W. Franklin’s edition.
What I didn’t know was that, even though the reviews of Franklin’s edition appear on the page for the Kindle edition, the poems in the Kindle version are the versions already available for free through Project Gutenberg. After I bought the $1.99 Kindle version, I realized I had paid for out-of-copyright poems that I already had downloaded in a different, free, ebook.
It was only a couple bucks, and I should have previewed the book before buying it. Nevertheless, I called customer service. Before I even finished explaining my problem, the employee had already deleted the file from my Kindle and said I’d be refunded.
I was so happy, I said I would post about my experience on my blog.
So there you go.
I do wish the Kindle iPad app offered a dictionary. Because the iBook app does have a dictionary, I would have to say that the iBook is superior for reading complex textbooks, but the Amazon selection is much better.

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  1. Erm, a few hours after I posted this, Amazon pushed an update to the Kindle app. Now it does definitions. Thanks, guys.

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