I'm about to start the Rick Moranis #LittleShop movie. (Movie night LiveTweet)

  1. I’m about to start the Rick Moranis #LittleShop movie. My 8yo has never seen it, but she’s gotten interested in musicals.
  2. Wife is unwrapping the #LittleShop DVD now.
  3. First, put away the #Cats DVD.
  4. Daughter is worried #LittleShop will be too scary.
  5. Steve Martin is credited for a “special appearance” #LittleShop
  6. Great set… Chorus girls dancing in the rain. I’d forgotten just how catchy the music is. #LittleShop
  7. “That’s the Solinsky Dad!” says daughter, recognizing Moranis from the Honey movies. #LittleShop
  8. “Oh, dear!” says daughter upon seeing the establishing shot of Audrey (One) #LittleShop
  9. Random chorus woman with powerful voice starts the Downtown song… should I recognize her? #LittleShop
  10. Some zombie-thriller echoes in the Downtown number. Urban alienation. #LittleShop

  1. Daughter wonders if Seymor is ungrateful for what he has… #LittleShop
  2. Where are the flowers? There are no flowers on the set of his supposed flower shop.#LittleShop
  3. Love the POV shot of Audrey II. #LittleShop
  4. “Can you break a hundred? (sad faces) Then I’ll just have to take twice as many!” #LittleShop
  5. “My children”… Mushnik’s concern for Audrey makes him sympathetic… His fate is more shocking as a result.
  6. What do you want from me, blood? (I forgot it was a rose thorn that drew the blood… Don’t write a paper on the symbolism!) #LittleShop
  7. “It’s hungry, do something!” says my daughter as the plant begs for blood… #LittleShop
  8. Daughter compliments Rick Moranis’s singing voice. Cheers when the plant grows at end of “grow for me” #LittleShop
  9. I totally forgot the John Candy WSKID radio host cameo… #LittleShop
  10. “Don’t tell me… You got tied up.” “No, just handcuffed a little.” Setup for Audrey’s big solo. #LittleShop
  11. I know Seymour’s the greatest / But I’m dating a semi-sadist #LittleShop
  12. I just realized that I sing “Somewhere That’s Green” to myself whenever I mow the lawn. #LittleShop
  13. The kids laughed when we see Audrey’s vision of her future kids with Seymour. #LittleShop
  14. Mariachi “Some Fun Now” Audrey is professional and competent as a flower arranger… She tells him he has low self image… #LittleShop
  15. Patients cowering as Orin Scrivello struts thru waiting room. #LittleShop
  16. Love the shot from within the patient’s mouth… Daughter frowns. “I’d rather be doing math! That is one evil dentist.” #LittleShop
  17. Daughter: “I’d never take a root canal from that guy.” #LittleShop
  18. Feed me! #LittleShop
  19. Animatronics look fantastic… I understand these scenes were filmed at 1/4 speed #LittleShop
  20. Sophomore year in college at UVa I was the set designer and plant-builder for a First Year Players production of #LittleShop
  21. Made the plant out of hula hoops, chicken wire, and duct tape. Big enough inside for the puppeteer and victims. #LittleShop
  22. The guy sure looks like plant food to me! #LittleShop
  23. Bill Murray’s cameo. #LittleShop
  24. Murray’s patient character has his own bib in his pocket. #LittleShop
  25. Daddy’s home! …. Thank you!!! Candy bar!!! (The kids have no idea what is happening in this scene…) #LittleShop
  26. Murray’s scene is funny, but it does detract from Scrivello’s insanity… We see he has limits, making him a bit more human… #LittleShop
  27. …making Seymour’s intended murder a little less sympathetic. The kids noticed the moral dilemma. #LittleShop
  28. “Even though he is a villain, you should still love that guy, if there’s any way to.” My 8yo on the mad dentist. #LittleShop
  29. Oops, big popcorn spill. Movie paused with Seymour’s axe raised over his head. #LittleShop
  30. Mushnik thinks he sees Seymour killing Scrivello — of course, that will motivate Seymour to kill Mushnik to keep him quiet. #LittleShop
  31. “I’d put on cheap and tasteless outfits… Not nice ones, like this.” Audrey, describing her work in The Gutter. #LittleShop
  32. Suddenly Seymour.. Great use of fragments of walls in a vacant lot set. They’re really belting those notes. #LittleShop
  33. You really want these two to get together… And the kiss!! #LittleShop (“There has to be more movie,” says daughter.)

  34. Mushnik in the shadows… Offended that Seymour would stoop to murder… I think in the play version Mushnik was greedy. #LittleShop

  35. Aha… Here Mushnik is scheming to keep the plant form himself… He wants Seymour’s “secret gardening tips” #LittleShop

  36. Fisheye lens in The Meek Shall Inherit… #LittleShop

  37. The kids are debating just what Seymour has done wrong. “He IS sorry.” “But he IS guilty.” #LittleShop

  38. “After tomorrow, we can leave here, together!” #LittleShop Don’t wait just one more day, and split up at a time like this, young lovers.

  39. “I can’t live with the guilt.” #LittleShop Daughter: “How can it even see?… (Dialing the phone) What a smart plant.” Audrey, not so much.

  40. Audrey One came out of the plant in pretty good shape… The stage musical has a much darker turn at this point. #LittleShop

  41. Suddenly Seymour reprise, when the musical here had a Somewhere That’s Green reprise. #LittleShop

  42. Jim Belushi’s cameo now. Nothing special, just a plot point. #LittleShop

  43. “This is between me and the vegetable.” #LittleShop

  44. Mean Green Mother from Outer Space. Backup voices coming from pods. (Son has noticed the plot diversion now.) #LittleShop

  45. Some salty language… As a dutiful father I must scold the plant each time it uses a rude word. #LittleShop

  46. The plant does a Samson, pulling out the pillars of the building. #LittleShop

  47. “You’re killing the hand that fed you!” — daughter scolding Audrey II. Ran out of room crying.

  48. Daughter spilled popcorn while running out of room crying… Had to drag her back to the TV. #LittleShop

  49. During tacked-on happy ending, daughter: “Does she even know Seymour killed someone? Or butchered someone’s body, I mean?” #LittleShop

  50. Camera pans down to the final garden surprise– daughter: “Oh, no… Oh, no!” #LittleShop

  51. Son is annoyed at the changed ending, daughter still crying that Seymour never told Audrey the truth. #LittleShop

  52. A dramatic conclusion to our #LittleShop night. Maybe we’ll put Sweeney Todd away until a little later. Goodnight.

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