10 Emerging Book Genres You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Literature, as with other creative pursuits, exists as one of the most diverse outlets for human expression available. Movements ebb and flow over time, allowing themselves to both influence and be influenced by the prevailing philosophical and cultural constructs swirling around them. Some obtain prominent – if not permanent – mainstream status and find their way onto syllabi across the world. Others tarry about on the fringes of general awareness, pleasuring and provoking only a small subsection of the populace. That somehow seems a bit unfair, as all movements do have something to contribute to the literary canon. The following emergent genres or subgenres have garnered a fair amount of attention over the past few years. Some have been around for a while. Some have recently sprouted from preexisting movements, lately postmodernism. And others are relatively new. All any of them share is that they deserve more attention than they currently receive, yet appear to be currently gaining some degree of momentum. Readers of a more literary bent may recognize some of these genres and subgenres, but the mainstream still has yet to really embrace them or realize their existence. –from a fairly shamelessly-named adversplog that nonetheless offers some good content.

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