The second and, sadly, last of Douglas Johnson’s play-a-day experiment.

(The three open the box and rummage in it, and pull out shirts with the Starfleet insignia.)
DARNELL: Mine’s blue!
TOMLINSON: Mine’s yellow!
RAYBURN: Mine’s red!
(DARNELL and TOMLINSON cough uneasily, and sidestep away from RAYBURN.)
RAYBURN: Oh, very good. Top notch observational comedy there, guys. This hasn’t been done to death for forty years, at all.
TOMLINSON: You mean three hundred and forty years?
RAYBURN: It’s superstitious nonsense, anyhow. All that stuff about the guy in the red shirt dying first.
DARNELL: You know what they say, Rayburn. There’s no smoke without crazy rubber lizardmen slaughtering disposable supporting characters.

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