Oh, by the way… I just installed WordPress on this site.

It wasn’t quite the five-minute installation process that WordPress promises, but within a couple hours I had created a new database in MySQL, linked it to WordPress, twiddled my thumbs while uploading a lot of files, and before long, it was working.

It took another hour to convert my installation of WordPress from a single-blog site to a networked site (so that I can host several class blogs on my site). I’ve got a shadow blog operating at jerz.setonhill.edu/weblog2/, I’ve exported 15 megabytes of text from my old blog to the new one, and it looks like all the links still work.

I’m waiting for IT to respond to a help desk ticket that will let me make the next step in converting she Seton Hill blogs blogs.setonhill.edu, but in the meanwhile I feel a bit of relief knowing that my course blogs will be up and running on day one.

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