Soon I’ll start live-tweeting part 2 of #BuckRodgers , “The Plot to Kill a City”

  • Soon I’ll start live-tweeting part 2 of #BuckRodgers, “The Plot to Kill a City”
  • Opening chase in a cubicle farm without cubicles.#BuckRodgers
  • #BuckRodgers , my kids warned you guys not to split up.
  • @devolved Arrgh, I can’t un-see that now!
  • Oh, thank you Wilma, for pointing out to the flunky bragging about destroying Chicago that he is currently *in* Chicago. #BuckRodgers
  • Convenient that Huer and Wilma had that particular exposition-full conversation the undercover flunky to overhear. #BuckRodgers
  • Woah, that luggage cart had a lot of momentum to knock over the glowering porky telekinetic dude.#BuckRodgers
  • That gun can’t blast through the door, even at the highest setting? #BuckRodgers
  • I remember the speech from the sad, noble nuclear mutant. “There’s no hope for my world, but there is hope for Earth!” #BuckRodgers
  • What, Wilma, you didn’t see the need to remind the flunky that “You’re all dead” means him, too?#BuckRodgers
  • Baddies filling up travel time by talking through the plans from the cockpits of their ships, en route. A bit last-minute? #BuckRodgers
  • Happy scene with an Earth Force engineer, in full uniform, playing with his kids… ready to be exploited. #BuckRodgers
  • Thanks, producers, for adding the voice-over so we know the thoughts of the sad, noble mutant watching happy children. #BuckRodgers
  • Nice that the three terrorist bad guys have three identical ships, flying in formation. #BuckRodgers
  • The supersensitive nuclear complex has armed maintenance androids as the first line of defense. Lame, armed androids. #BuckRodgers
  • Twiki leering at spandex-clad Joella. “Bidibidibidi, what a fox!” Sick, sick, sick. #BuckRodgers
  • So Vedek can phase out to let lasers go through his body, while also leaving his fingers solid enough to push buttons? #BuckRodgers
  • Looks like #BuckRodgers saved some money by just leaving the bluescreen behind the cockpit shots.#BuckRodgers
  • If it’s an automated, unnamed station, why are there so many tables and chairs? Who is the “Alert” voice alerting? #BuckRodgers
  • Those Earth Directorate shock troops look like bad guy troops, wearing black, masked… #BuckRodgers
  • The terrorists set a rendezvous point after they set the bomb, but they took off in formation? Re-using stock footage is fun! #BuckRodgers
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the TRS-80-style graphics on the fighter consoles.
  • Dr. Huer, your exposition is noble and poetic, compared to the technobabble of this engineer.#BuckRodgers
  • Noble mutant did a Spock for our souls, entering the antimatter chamber to save us all! Curse you, stray atom of antimatter! #BuckRodgers
  • #BuckRodgers was fun. Looks like The Music Man is next.

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