What’s your favorite backchannel tool?

What’s your favorite backchannel tool?

A backchannel is a live electronic conversation that happens in the margins, while an event is taking place center stage.

  • I really like the low entry barrier of TodaysMeet.com, but the auto-refresh does not work. Users must refresh manually. Further, TodaysMeet.com also shows an error message each time I post. That makes users nervous, and just looks shoddy. Plus, I think “Today’s Meat,” which for some reason does not sound appealing.
  • I had already decided to try  chatzy.com, but after I got the purchase approved and went to the business office so the man with the institutional credit card can complete the transaction, I found that the company had changed their service plan, going from a price based on volume of data to a monthly rate.  Chatzy.com made sense for me on the data plan, since I want to use it for monthly faculty meetings. It’s too expensive monthly.
  • I just tried out http://backchan.nl, but there appears to be no ability to export a transcript to archive.
  • The site backnoise.com has no entry barrier at all, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to delete a room when you’re done with it. After playing with the site a while, I noticed that the older entries just fade off the screen, without leaving any sort of permanent record. So it’s no good for my needs.
  • A backchannel is just another name for a chat room. See http://dgjtest.chatango.com/ Curses…. chatango doesn’t work on the iPad!

The purchasing manager and I have spent 20 minutes trying to pay chatzy $9.99 for a 14-day trial. Paypal is not helping.

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