Storytelling: Video games’ next killer app

A decent introduction, with rich links. Nothing really new, though.

The problem, as experts like Ultima creator Richard Garriott and Infocom veteran Steve Meretzky explain in a recent documentary, is that gaming is a relatively young field. Game makers still haven’t mastered their craft the way artists, playwrights and filmmakers have.
When compared to more time-honored forms of storytelling, video game creators are just beginning to come to grips with the massive range of toys available in today’s high-tech toolbox.

But after taking a backseat to 3-D graphics and white-knuckle action around the CD-ROM’s heyday in the mid-’90s, scriptwriting and dialogue are suddenly becoming killer gaming apps once again. Witness recent nail-biting episodic game adventures, the resurfacing of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks for smartphones and eReaders, or fundraisers fueling all-new interactive fiction titles. Storytelling: Video games’ next killer app –

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