That Can Be My Next Blog Post

Okay, I’ve posted enough of these to Twitter. Here are some more that I’ll leave here.

That Can Be My Next Tweet reads your recent Twitter posts and mashes them up. These are probably only funny to me, but I’m chortling uncontrollably. Here are some more of the best ones.

  • P. G. Wodehouse co-wrote the Microsoft Zune. That’s a few weeks, some Seton Hill faculty meetings.
  • At the 70s, when killing guards was grabbed by dancers with it. We paid for a great video.
  • I dreamed the coming clash of Books Trumped a sense for a huge medallion.
  • A third Klondike Bar, even with my co-author, Kathleen Kennedy. Bizarre reference to break the telescope.
  • Unchained Woman. Good casting stunt, Unchained Woman. Good casting stunt, Unchained Woman About to share.
  • I understand it, the prof who pinch-hit for WiFi. Period. Looking for bread-and-butter changes.
  • Hello, Mercury. Freshened up with a media course, if you can explore critical code and the future.
  • William Shatner narrates a medieval underling. Whats your favorite backchannel tool?
  • Eyes blurry again, even after this month they ask for, rather than presume our children. I post.
  • About to fly back to listen to a Hand-written Letter about magic = orcses, precious.
  • Oh, finally — they ask for, rather than presume he is now powered by having kids who wants her off when!
  • At the marking is the beeping, sparking android guard’s dramatic entrance would probably create Skynet.
  • I meant a candy bracelet. Also reminds me on the stars promised the love song. Plot?
  • The program says my 8yo gave the waters… Is CCCC12 ready for WiFi. Period.
  • Illness sucks. Watched Fellowship of the comma-separated-value export an optional extra fee for Bing.
  • How about those unplayable classics. I learn. The program says my virus is fun.
  • Eyes are switched… The emergent loop would probably create Skynet. How about magic = technology.
  • And the annoying Quickbar overlay on the latest Tolkien estate lawsuit?
  • Google may be ugly when you’re bald. FaceTime and Ted the ball after two.
  • That makes users Curious George? Berenstain Bears? My 8yo: That reminds me a Kindle in that contain!
  • Touched up nice connection to the very brief shot of Han Solo. And the paper boy tossing another woman.
  • P. G. Wodehouse co-wrote the ipad. A quick roundup. The diplomat is going to shared human goals of her.
  • Lousy 1-inch Smarch hail. Just got the brains of our children. I could only help they need.
  • Have recited Carroll’s Jabberwocky, Kilmer’s Trees, and the prof who wants her Jedi fighter.
  • That’s a techno-geek when techie folks could beat up to use Twitter, too. Just got a craft gap.
  • Does the soft-shoe bit of Jesus Christ Superstar. Great production, tho not Hawisher, G.
  • Bing Crosby, Donald O’Connor sings to read along. Jerzs Literacy Weblog online since 1999 is a hospital!

2 thoughts on “That Can Be My Next Blog Post

  1. On just my second try, I got a zombie tweet! “So good! Finishing up my students. Reading Attali on presentation styles, and South.”

    And a surprising publisher diss: “Kindle perk: no need to look through Pearson, Mix and vice versa. Blogged: an investment that just?”

    Very addicting….

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