Portal 2, Dragon Age 2, and dirty filthy lies- Destructoid

Great analysis of a media-savvy joke embedded into the tutorial of Portal 2.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you laughed harder at this moment than nearly any other in Portal 2. Obviously, people with brain damage who jump when asked to speak are funny, so there’s definitely that level of comedy. But there’s also a sense that a brilliant joke has just been told to you — one that can’t be told anywhere else. It’s the film equivalent of a film director appearing in the middle of his film to tell a knock knock joke directly to the audience, though not even film can penetrate us on such a level. We’ve just assisted in telling the joke.

Together, we’ve just created collective comedy though fictional characters, a developer who has broken the fourth wall, and the input required by the audience of interactive fiction.

Something about this just excites me.

via Portal 2, Dragon Age 2, and dirty filthy lies- Destructoid.

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