U Michigan’s North Quad Complex: A Media Cathedral

The North Quad Residential Complex at the University of Michigan is the ideal place for a conference on Computers and Writing. I’ll do my part to fetishize the awesome people-focused technology in this place.

A team from Seton Hill University (Laura Patterson, Christine Cusick, and I) gave a workshop on teaching writing with iPads.

I also participated in the panel, Making Writing Socially Engaging: Asking Why New Media Draws
Us In.

Rather than liveblogging, I tried livetweeting (something that is only practical when the venue has free WiFi… hint hint, 4Cs), and found the experience thrilling — especially the massively multiplayer livetwitting of “Is Blogging Dead?

Kudos to Mark Sample, who archived the Computers and Writing 2011 #cwcon tweets for us who were too in-the-moment to think about such things.

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