For Seton Hall Hill students and professors, iPads open new paths

Because the headline gets the name of the school wrong, it’s a little hard for me to assess this objectively. I’m glad Katie got so much space to share her experiences, and very glad this story mentions the importance of training and tech support. The story of my students reading Emerson’s Nature is a little abbreviated — it was actually a student who noticed the sunset, not me.

“I just cleaned out some big binders of papers after three years in office,” she said. “And I was thinking, ‘How did I function with all these?’ It’s so much easier to pull up an agenda on the iPad.”

Integrating the iPad into the classroom didn’t happen overnight at Seton Hill.

The university upgraded its computer network and used a Title III federal education grant designed to increase student retention rates to help implement the program. —For Seton Hall students and professors, iPads open new paths.

I’m not quite sure why “helped his freshmen students do the kind of research that isn’t usually required” comes before an example on looking up the definition of words.

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  2. Only sort of related, but I was wondering what brand of Ipad/keyboard case you were using at #cwcon. It looked like it worked really well. Your tweeting was great, by the way, and I found the Ipad workshop very useful.

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