Quick Reflections on Teaching with IPads

The tldr version: The iPad has is very useful for brainstorming, and a resource to consult during class discussions, Yes, they are good ereaders, but they are also good for collaboration and sharing (one looks at the text while another takes notes; students start a project, then swap iPads, to comment on each other’s work, etc.). I’ve used my iPad to do an audio recording of a writing consultation (I’m recording what I say, not so much the questions they ask — I let students know they’ll be able to ask questions off the record). My journalism students will be recording practice peer interviews.

More detail:

Apps are very personal. The cool outlining app you love may seem just annoying to your students. Plan to spend a class period showing several apps to students, and save time over the next few class periods so that students who’ve found apps that they like will be able to do a little show-and-tell.

Spend a whole class period introducing about four apps; give students a simple task to complete, and ask then to start that task in about four different apps; demonstrate each app for the students. (I put my iPad on the document projector camera and make a quick outline, or record audio, or make a collage, or whatever. You could hand out a step-by-step guide but most students will ignore them.) Then, give students about 10 minutes to work more with whatever app they liked best. Close by asking students to share what they created. Have students email you a sample of their work, with a note explaining whether they think this app will help them on a specific assignment.

Here’s some news coverage responding to the use of iPads at Seton Hill.

Here is an Educause article, written by the three main decision-makers responsible for implementing the iPad program:
Mobile Perspectives: On iPads: Why Mobile?

Here are slides from a Computers and Writing workshop where I and two of my Seton Hill colleagues covered our first year teaching with iPads.
Teaching with iPads: Motivation, Inspiration and Alienation in the Appleverse

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