A Tribute to a Journalism Favorite

As my news writing students work on several drafts ahead of a mid-term revision date, I found myself thinking of ways to remind them of the inverted pyramid.

This BNKR Arquitectura concept for an “Earthscraper” (underground skyscraper) proposes to create a huge amount of prime downtown space, without sacrificing a central square. (The space is topped off with a clear glass roof, where crowds can gather as in a conventional city square.)

This eye-catching soda display seems to be balanced on a single can — but I gather the whole thing is a prop.

The Paris Apple Store is located in the Carrousel du Louvre shopping center.

According to Joe Orman at Shutterace.com, the Clancy Real Estate Group uses this building in downtown Phoenix Arizona.

Designer Karim Rashid created this inverted pyramid chair.



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