Wireless computing at Seton Hill: “The most connected university I’ve ever seen… Want to see a large-scale, mission-critical installation in action?”

[A]n interview I did with key staff at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA, not far from Pittsburgh. This is the most connected university I’ve ever seen – every student, and there are around 2200 of these, gets an iPad and a MacBook (!), and, of course, they bring their own wireless devices to campus as well. Want to see a large-scale, really-mission-critical installation in action? This is it. And they’re also taking advantage of unified networking and unified management from Enterasys Networks to reduce staffing requirements and improve overall service. This is a great story, and hopefully the video makes the lessons learned here available to any IT department as well.

via Nearpoints: Farpoint Group’s New Video Series: Farpoint Focus.

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