Open Source Citation Style Language Editor Under Development

The original headline for the press release highlights the names of the two groups doing the work, which is of course flattering to the groups, but far less newsworthy to the public the PR people are supposed to be relating with.

“A large amount of researcher time is spent formatting documents, rather than getting on with the creation of great research,” says Ian Mulvany, VP Product at Mendeley. “By working on an open implementation of an editor for an open citation style standard that works with a variety of reference managers, including Mendeley, we can help take some of the pain out of the research process. By building on top of an open standard, we can help to accelerate the adoption of that standard to the benefit of many academic communities.” —Mendeley Teams up With Columbia University Libraries to Develop a Citation Style Language… — LONDON, Jan. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —.

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