10 Ways Being a Theatre Major Prepared Me for Success | Wayfarer

I was not a theatre major, but I did have various paid jobs in my college theatre department, including working in the scene shop, painting billboards, writing press releases, etc. Nothing excites my 9yo daughter like acting. On her one day off between her last two shows, she built a sock puppet theater out of cardboard and lit it with LEDs.

Hard work. I remember creating a tree for one of our college shows. We had no idea how we were going to do it, but we made an amazing life-like tree that emerged from the stage and looked as if it disappeared into the ceiling above the theatre. My team mates and I cut out each and every leaf and individually hot-glued them to the branches of the tree. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of them glued on while standing precariously on a rickety ladder high enough above the stage that it would make an OSHA inspector soil his boxers. Sleepless nights, burnt fingers and a few brushes with tragedy were needed to get that tree done. But, we got it done. It was fabulous. And a few days later we tore it down, threw it out, and got ready for the next production. C’est la vie. In business I have periods of time with unbelievable workloads in which there are sleepless nights, seemingly endless days and tireless work on projects that will be presented and then will be over. The report will be archived and I’m onto the next project. C’est la vie. —10 Ways Being a Theatre Major Prepared Me for Success | Wayfarer.

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