Have online comment sections become ‘a joke’?

Jezebel has made lots of hay off of sexual harassment accusations against American Apparel Chief Executive Officer Dov Charney. Denton said he’d love to see Charney come into the comments section to defend himself.

“If you put it to a vote, 90% would vote to ban him. They hate that guy,” Denton said. “If Dov Charney went into the Jezebel comments, he’d be torn limb from limb; his limbs aren’t all that would be torn off.”

The answer? Denton said his sites are planning to post some stories that allow only a hand-picked, pre-approved group of people to comment on them. That, he said, would make the comment section an extension of the story and allow people, like Charney in the above example, to have their say without fear of being piled onto by others. — Have online comment sections become ‘a joke’? – CNN.com.

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