Hap Aziz and Colonial Williamsburg | Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling

Hap Aziz, who’s running a Kickstarter campaign to fund an interactive fiction exploration of colonial Williamsburg, was interviewed by Emily Short.

One of the fascinating things to me about the events surrounding American independence is that there was so much disagreement and debate regarding whether or not the colonies should dissolve their bonds with England. Much like today, the political landscape in the years leading up to the Revolutionary War was extremely polarized, and passions were strong on both sides. So while there will be a good helping of names, dates, and other historical facts to provide time line sign posts, the main objective is to provide a context for the richness of the arguments on all sides regarding independence so that students will be able struggle with the issues and use their own reasoning to decide for or against separation from England. In fact, one of the key moments of the game (first phase), will have the player participate in the vote for or against independence.

via Hap Aziz and Colonial Williamsburg | Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling.

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