George Takei Pleads for ‘Star Peace’ in Shatner-Fisher War

Takei’s post-Trek, post-coming-out reinvention of himself as an internet meme fusion reactor is a beautiful thing to watch. With this move, I think Takei may have officially out-nerded former TNG child actor Wil Wheaton — and I say that with total respect to Wheaton’s own post-Trek reinvention.

Takei warned that a hot war between Star Trek and Star Wars fans could have unintended consequences, as pictured at right—and keep in mind that Jedi mind powers will not work on Shatner the Hutt.

And besides, there’s a greater peril out there for fans of both space operas, he cautioned.

“What’s needed today, now, more than ever, is ‘Star Peace,'” Takei said. “For there is an ominous, mutual threat to all science fiction. It’s called ‘Twilight.’ And it is really, really bad. Gone is any sense of heroism, camaraderie, or epic battle. In its place, we have vampires … that sparkle, moan, and go to high school.

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