Atari tries to stay relevant at 40

It’s a stretch to say Atari has turned 40, since there isn’t much left but the name, but this is still an interesting read.

Companies began collapsing and Atari was soon sold to a man named Jack Tramiel. Over the next decade, Atari made computers, a game console called Jaguar and a handheld game machine called the Lynx. None were hits.

Atari was then passed to the toy company Hasbro, then to Infogrames Entertainment, a French company that owns it today.
Recognizing the promise of mobile devices and its best-known titles, Atari today makes such phone games as “Centipede: Origins’ and “Breakout Boost,’ a take on the game Steve Jobs worked on back in the day.

“The legacy is that Atari is essentially where it all began,” says Jim Wilson, the company’s current CEO.

So is Atari living off its legacy? —Atari tries to stay relevant at 40 –

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