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The first issue of the Seton Hill student newspaper comes out tomorrow, but the articles are already online. I’m the faculty adviser, so naturally I’m proud. Way to go, new media journos!

“The human brain multitasks just fine. If you’re paying attention to me at the same time you are also regulating your heart beat and your lungs,” said Medina.

When our brains are confronted with a mental task our attentional spotlight “lights up” that area. If we try to pay attention to something else (like a text message or Facebook) our spotlight has to move to light up that area. Without the attentional spotlight focused on a subject, you can’t pay attention to or comprehend anything.

So what we call multitasking is actually switching between different subjects. When our brain does this switch we lose time and comprehension. Good multi-taskers can switch faster, but they still get their work done in twice the time of a focused person.

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