Lost Treasures of Infocom Review [Mobile App]

20121231-213912.jpgSomeone’s put a lot of time into ensuring the games play exceptionally well on mobile. The on-screen keyboard is a necessary evil, one that’s ameliorated by a great little auto-complete feature. It’s context-sensitive, so if you want to whip something from your inventory out in a pinch, the game will probably predict it by the time you’re one or two letters in. That speeds things up nicely, as does the ability to set up shortcut buttons for commonly used words like “examine” or “take.” There’s also a lovely compass so you can skip typing “n,” “w” or any of those other cardinal or ordinal directions. Perfect for those mazes of twisty little passages.

Then there are the Feelies—the books, manuals, brochures and other tangible flavor items once included in the game box. You’ll need some for reference, when you need a security decoder or a tide chart. Others just paint a nice picture. All of them, however, are duplicated beautifully. If you’ve ever wanted a close look at a postcard from Ramos II, you’ll have your chance to take a look, zoom in, and take it in in its full-color glory. There are also full maps for those moments when you really need a spoiler. — Touch Arcade.

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