My Ouya arrived.

20130521-162202.jpgMy Ouya arrived — a Kickstarter-funded gaming console.

I have never been a console gamer. Lately, I haven’t even been a PC gamer — when I have the time I would much rather create in Blender 3D or, in the past year or so, make a video.

But the principle behind the Ouya — that all games should have at least some free content, and that developers should have easy access to publish their own games — reminds me of the environment in which I first encountered computer games, by typing in source code from computing magazines, and hacking the results. Of course, those games looked and sounded terrible, but they were OURS, in a way that no game that comes on a cartridge or runs on a black box behind a paywall will ever match.

Not sure whether I’ll have the time to do an unboxing, but I’ll certainly need to look into game creation for this gadget.

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