Kelly Gallagher on “Readicide”

I am reading to my daughter the fourth book in “Heck: Where Bad Kids Go,” and have recently finished reading her the fourth Oz book. But not too long ago I read her The Snow Queen, and once last year she asked me to read “Goblin Market” again. A mixture of kid-friendly classics and popular YA keeps us both happy.

20130704-094021.jpgStupid reading turns into lifelong readers. Use comic books, magazines, digital print, graphic novels. I’d get Sports Illustrated or Sports Illustrated for Kids. I’d go to a massive bookstore and say, “You get to pick a book.” A lot of kids say they don’t like to read, but they’re wrong. I can take the most reluctant reader and turn them around. I can take any senior and find a book the senior wants to read. It’s a question of matching kids to the right kind of text. —GreatSchools.

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