Codename Cygnus – an Interactive Radio Drama for iOS

This project looks promising. I’ve donated the money I was going to spend on a haircut.

20130717-163606.jpgWe’re keeping our UI super simple. The experience is entirely sound and story: Writing + Voiceover + SFX + Music. With either a spoken word or a simple tap on the screen you can listen to the drama unfold in a progression similar to the multiple choice dialogue moments that you find in adventure or RPG games. You get to make decisions about what to do and what kind of agent to be in a world of espionage. Your iPhone/iPad recognizes your speech (or accepts the tap of a button) to trigger and play the next sound file so that the characters react to you as the events and story continue. —Codename Cygnus – an Interactive Radio Drama for iOS by Reactive Studios — Kickstarter.

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