An Adjunct’s Death Becomes a Rallying Cry for Many in Academe

Because I blogged Kovalik’s editorial yesterday, it’s only fair that I also publicize an article that includes Duquesne’s side of the story.

20130918-090450.jpgA university spokeswoman provided a statement in which Duquesne’s chaplain and director of
campus ministry, the Rev. Daniel Walsh, says that Ms. Vojtko lived at the university’s Laval House, a building for undergraduates studying to enter the priesthood, for several weeks during the past year, at the university’s invitation, after Duquesne officials “learned of problems with her home.”

He also writes that he and other priests visited her regularly during her illness.

“Mr. Kovalik’s use of an unfortunate death to serve an alternative agenda is sadly exploitive,” he says, “and is made worse because his description of the circumstances bears no resemblance to reality.”

via The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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