William Shatner: My Problem With Twitter’s Verified Accounts

At age 84, William Shatner (most famous for portraying Star Trek’s Captain Kirk) is quite knowledgable about social media. I have no dog in the Twitter Verified Accounts fight, but I’m still interested to hear from a celebrity of his generation (my father’s generation) who is this informed about Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, etc.

imageActing gives you the courage to go (for the lack of better words) where you haven’t gone before. It helps because through acting I am recognizable, so I get opportunities that others do not get (such as a large number of followers and lots of adoration), but I don’t know, besides that, if it makes things easier for someone. I can only speak from my perspective and I was an actor long before Twitter and social media. —William Shatner: My Problem With Twitter’s Verified Accounts.

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