‘Peter Pan Live’ Was Never Intended to Be Enjoyed

I didn’t watch the show (our cable-less TV doesn’t get that channel), but I found his to be a fascinating take on what was wrong with both the concept and the execution of this show.

All this forces the question of who the intended audience was for NBC’s production of Peter Pan Live, a three-hour performance taped on a soundstage somewhere, without an audience, and with all of the limitations of live theater and none of the advantages. The show was aired from 8 till 11 p.m. on a school night, too late for the younger viewers who might actually find it magical, and too early for drunk people ditto. The casting of Girls star Allison Williams as Peter and Christopher “More Cowbell” Walken as Captain Hook hinted that the real demographic was people with Twitter accounts, taking advantage of the recent Sharknado/VMAs/presidential debate phenomenon that makes experiencing things via social media infinitely more enjoyable than just watching them on their own. —The Atlantic.

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