‘Broken Age’ Review

This will be my self-reward when I finish all my obligations for the term.

imageFor the uninitiated, here’s the rundown. In Broken Age, players control two characters: Vella, a young girl who’s about to be sacrificed to an ancient monster called Mog Chothra, and Shay, a teenage boy who was raised in a spaceship by a coddling artificial intelligence called “Mom.” At first, the connection between the two characters is thematic, not literal. Instead of peacefully accepting her fate, Vella decides to fight back and kill the monster; meanwhile, Shay’s bored with going on fake, patronizing “missions,” and decides to rebel against Mom and her mechanical overseers. | Eventually, the two storylines converge when players finally see how the two plots connect, it’s a big “a-ha!” moment, and it’s both fiendishly clever and absolutely hilarious. Broken Age is full of moments like those. —‘Broken Age’ Review.

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