100 Careers for English Majors

imageAnyone with an English degree will tell you that picking this major can lead to a lot skeptical questions: “What are you going to do after school?” or “What kind of a job can you really get with an English degree?”

But the awesome part about this major is its flexibility—you’re not confined to a specific vocational track. Instead, the skills you learn can be applied to a ton of different industries—from business, education, government, and research, to publishing, entertainment, media, and communication.

As editor and professor Verlyn Klinkenborg puts it: “English majors turn up almost anywhere, in almost any career.”

Why all the career options? It’s simple: English majors know how to communicate. And that’s a vital talent for all kinds of jobs. You write well, organize ideas in a logical way, and create strong arguments. Add razor-sharp analytical thinking, a good dose of creativity, and awesome research skills, and you’ve got the makings of a great career. —InsideJobs.com

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