Rebooting “Rossum’s Universal Robots” for the 21st century

Rossum's Universal Robots“It is over three hours long, and it is like a cross between Noel Coward and The Terminator” – Ivor Benjamin describing the original version of “R.U.R.”Last Wednesday I went to see an adaption of Karel Čapek’s play “Rossum’s Universal Robots”, presented at the British Library. | There was one question from the audience that suggested Benjamin had gone too far in the adaptation. “This [play] is more about philosophy than it is about iPads and mobile phones” the questioner said. They also pointed out that we view it through a filter of the downfall of communism, but that at the time Čapek was writing, the Bolshevik Revolution was only three years old, Lenin was alive, and communism was “a concept that was yet to go bad”. – See more at: —

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